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  • 07-04-2024
  • 08-04-2024
  • 09-04-2024
  • 10-04-2024


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21st International Vasculitis en ANCA workshop

Welcome Letter

We are pleased to announce that the 21st International Vasculitis Workshop will take place in the friendly and lively city of Barcelona (Spain) in April 7- 10, 2024.

The conference name has changed indicating our willingness to expand the scope of interest beyond ANCA-associated vasculitis. The workshop will focus on all kind of vasculitis and related disorders from a holistic and multidisciplinary approach and is addressed to clinicians as well as clinical and translational researchers working in this area and to trainees interested in this field.

Maria C Cid, Co-Chair
Georgina Espígol-Frigolé, Co-Chair
Roser Alba-Rovira, Project Manager

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