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  • 08-06-2019
  • 09-06-2019


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8th EULAR for Ultrasound trainers Teach the Teachers, Madrid

This course is designed for rheumatologists who would like:

  • To obtain a EULAR Teach-the-Teachers certification and advanced to EULAR Competency Assessment in Musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSUS) in Rheumatology – Level 2
  • To organise basic MSUS courses scientifically endorsed by EULAR

For more details on EULAR Competency Assessment in MSUS in Rheumatology – Level 2, please follow this link:

For more details on scientifically endorsement by EULAR, please follow this link:

Learning objectives

To teach:

  • Skills for lectures and hand-on workshops
  • Organisation of the educational and logistic aspects of MSUS courses
  • Assessment of knowledge and skills of participants in MSUS courses

To assess:

  • The knowledge and skills in MSUS
  • Teaching capabilities of future teachers in EULAR scientifically endorsed MSUS courses

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