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EULAR Task Force projects

The Call for the selection of 5 Task Force additional slots is now open for the recently funded Task Force projects at the following EULAR web page:

The applications are collected via online link. We will not accept applications via e-mail or late applications.

Deadline to apply: 10 November 23.45 hrs

Kindly note that once a candidate submits the online application, a message of a successful submission will appear on the screen. The candidate will not receive any other confirmation of submission.

For additional information on the task force composition please kindly see our new SOPs for the task force projects at the following link (paragraph 3. CONDUCT -3.1 Task force composition):

List of recently funded projects:

RES005- De Wit: Updating the EULAR recommendations for the collaboration between researchers and patient research partners in scientific RMD projects
QoC015-: Dimitrios Boumpas: Update of the EULAR recommendations for the Management of SLE
QoC016- J. Smolen: 2023 Update of the EULAR Recommendations for the management of psoriatic arthritis with pharmacological therapies

Young investigators seeking training opportunities should contact EMEUNET as task forces already include two young investigators, members of EMEUNET. These slots are coordinated by EMEUNET separately and launched after being asked by the convenor.

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