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online “news”section of Rheumatology (Oxford)

Dear Colleague,

Rheumatology (Oxford) is planning an online only launch of a « news » section in 100 words for not only scientific, but also social, political, or patient-related developments in the field of rheumatology. The aim of this initiative is to increase interactions between rheumatologists worldwide, through exchange of relevant information, which is otherwise not covered by the usual scientific media.

I am writing to you in order to encourage submission of such brief communications from members of your Society on local or regional “hot topics” (e.g. new guidelines, regulatory news, training in rheumatology) that you would consider of interest for the whole community. Please send your submission (see example below) to,  mentioning “Rheumatology news” in your email subject line. Each piece should include the following standard information: Title; Author/Contributor; Date of publication; News item ; Source link. Your submission will be evaluated by members of the Editorial Board, and then posted online if accepted for publication.

I am looking forward to your contribution to this new communication media,

Yours sincerely,


Bernard Lauwerys, MD, PhD


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Geplaatst op: 16-02-2016